Where the hand of the artist meets the heart of the story.

March 1, 2012 by Curator

The Color of Love

A warm embrace wrapped in a spectacle of light. Two lips just shy of a forbidden kiss. Love stories woven in a tapestry of dashing heroes, devoted heroines and brazen regalia. In this exhibition we celebrate film’s greatest love stories by presenting the brilliant artistry of Richard Amsel, Jean Mascii, Frank McCarthy, Bob Peak, Mitchell Hooks and Howard Terpning.

Hello Dolly by Richard AmselHello Dolly by Richard Amsel
Solomon and Sheba by Frank McCarthySolomon and Sheba by Frank McCarthy
Funny Girl by Bob PeakFunny Girl by Bob Peak Funny Girl by Jean MasciiFunny Girl by Jean Mascii
Doctor Zhivago by Howard TerpningDoctor Zhivago by Howard Terpning
My Fair Lady by Bob PeakMy Fair Lady by Bob Peak
King and I by Mitchell HooksThe King and I by Mitchell Hooks
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